Equivalent to a very affordable £32* per month!

That’s much less than a take out flat white every day!

*Based on single annual subscription fee of £378 + VAT

Join the Idea Time Membership® and work with me to take your innovation workshops to the next level and beyond.

It’s SO important to make every event count, engage your stakeholders and participants throughout your innovation journey, and keep your activities fresh, stimulating and effective.

So how do you continue to design workshops and sessions that will make the most difference to your projects?

And how do you get your team or stakeholder network on board so that you can get results – efficiently, creatively and effectively?

Join the Idea Time® Membership and I’ll work with you to action your knowledge exchange and innovation activities more effectively so you can achieve your big project goals.

You will have access on tap to high-quality, time-efficient professional innovation masterclasses, creative tools and techniques and a wealth of meeting and workshop resources, not to mention a community forum.
Plus, whenever you’re ready, if you sign up as an annual member you will also benefit from one-to-one innovation coaching with me that will help you to think differently, work out how to achieve your big, hairy, audacious project goals and skyrocket your facilitation and workshop success. I will tailor your quarterly hour-long coaching sessions specifically just for you.

I will help you to create some time for you to think freely, fearlessly, explore options and risks, and make the best decisions for you and your projects. I will also provide an invaluable expert perspective and fresh pair of eyes. Your one-to-one coaching is all completely confidential and my only aim is to help you succeed.

You’ll need to commit just a few hours a month to make the most of the new materials that I will publish for you each week to help you work towards your goals. I’ll be there to guide you, supporting you as little or as much as you need me to. 

There’ll be playbooks, toolkits, video tutorials and bite-sized chunks of learning (called “lightbulb moments”!) to accelerate and strengthen your innovation process. 

You can also choose to get the support of a group of other likeminded innovators who are all committed to creative thinking, professional and organisational growth.


Idea Time gave me the unique opportunity to spend a focussed 20-60 minutes every week on my business.  It helped re-excite me and remember why I started the business. Instead of concentrating on the day to day issues and challenges idea time helped me think about the amazing possibilities and gave me a new perspective on my business. Idea Time has given me a wealth of new techniques that I can apply to all sorts of situations. Idea time is an essential programme for anyone in business who wants to not only to dream about the possibilities of where their business could go but also develop effective creative strategies to bring those possibilities to life.”

Amanda Selvaratnam

Associate Director of Research and Enterprise and Head of Enterprise Services

Director of The Training Gateway

University of York

“I’ve found the combination of reading, thought-provoking activities, watching Jo’s Friday videos and one-to-one phone calls with Jo, extremely effective. […] Jo’s experience, knowledge, and gentle way of making great suggestions, has truly enabled me to move forward during a time of major transition for me; from being one of two Directors running our small organisation, to being sole Director, with a changing team, and the need to build a strong vision for our future. Idea Time, more than any training I have participated in, has had the largest impact on my practice, helping me to work more effectively with the ‘bigger picture’ and with those that are on this journey with me – from my immediate team to my wider network of colleagues across the companies we collaborate with.”

Joy Parvin


Centre for Industry Education Collaboration

Department of Chemistry

University of York

“Jo realises that everyone has ideas, and Idea Time is her way of showing us how to work through a set of steps to make them a reality. It’s really interesting how she’s built each step in the programme to get people to use their creative side and the right side of their brain, while at the same time not ignoring their analytical left-hand side. So, you’re using your whole brain. […] As part of my role I lead a lot of learning and development and Jo has helped bring a different dimension to how I run these sessions; it’s very creative but can also be adapted and tailored to suit anyone, and  it was a great chance to have regular checks ins with Jo. […] When I was working with Jo, I took the biggest goal I had and realised it would be better to break it down to different elements and work through the Idea Time process for each element individually. […] I really can’t praise Idea Time enough, it’s a great programme that gives you tools you can use over and over again.”

Barbara Swinn


Explore York


A free 20 minute induction call with me to set you on the right path (annual members only) – this is in addition to the one-to-one coaching sessions

Optional online ‘office hour’ where you and other members can put your questions directly to me. These will all be recorded so you can see them later if you miss them

Discounts & advance booking on my live events

Exclusive access to my content library, which includes video tutorials, worksheets, audio and live classes on everything from achieving your business goals to implementing commercialising your ideas, innovation tools and techniques and how to use them, how to design and run more effective and creative meetings and workshops and much more

Exclusive access to video interviews with leading innovation and business growth experts

A monthly expert masterclass from me on how to innovate and grow your business, complete with all the downloadable resources you need to help you put the tools into action

A massive library of innovation tools, techniques, articles and video resources that you can access at any time

Online access to me personally on a one to one basis, either in the forum, via my personal email

We can even arrange a quick phone or video call if there’s something that comes up that you’d like to talk through with me

Heaps of pragmatic, actionable and individual expert support and resources.

You will get all of this for £42 plus VAT per month for monthly subscribers, £378 per year plus VAT for annual subscribers. The annual cost works out at less than £32 plus VAT per month.

That’s significantly less than half the price of a take out flat white every day for a year!


For a year all members, monthly and annual, will get monthly master classes and much more for less than the cost of attending most 1 or 2 day one-off training programmes, and without the time out of the business and other travel and hotel expenses.

All members will have unlimited access to my 30 years’ of business growth experience, my world-class PhD research into entrepreneurial performance and my absolute focus on helping you to get the results you want, at the same time as having a fantastic customer experience throughout.

Annual members will be able to access quarterly one-to-one coaching that my high end clients pay 4-5 figure sums for.

If you were to purchase everything in the annual membership individually, based on what I’ve been invoicing clients over the 8 years since I founded my company, it would cost you in excess of £4,000 plus VAT (and that’s a very conservative number!) so just £378 plus VAT for the full year of support is an offer not to be missed.

The Idea Time® Membership IS for you if:

  • You want to work smarter to achieve better and more sustainable innovation outcomes.
  • You want to set and achieve big project goals and make your great ideas a reality.
  • You want to learn more about how to make the most of your head for collaborative innovation, influencing skills and the creativity of the people around you.

The Idea Time® Membership is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not prepared to set aside a few hours across each month to work on taking your project to the next level.
  • You want a “cookie cutter” approach to your project challenges and opportunities. You will receive all the resources and help you need, but every project is different and I will help you find the approaches that work best for you.
  • You expect instant results on everything. The Idea Time® Membership coaching and resources will help you get there faster and more efficiently. Some super big, hairy project challenges will need a bit of time and a much more detailed roadmap.


As long as you’re a paid-up member of the community.

The course materials are shared as video content, worksheets, cheat sheets, playbooks and checklists. You’ll get your own login and password for our
members’ area so you can access the course materials at any time. We do ask that your login is not shared, as membership is per individual rather than per company.

£42+VAT per month or £378+VAT for annual membership.

You’ll get out what you put in. If you invest an hour or so a week, you should start to make progress quickly. If you only dip in to the materials and community now and again your progress will be slower.

I would never want you to be unhappy. If you sign up as a monthly member, you can stop your membership at any time. If you opt for the annual fee and contact us within 30 days, we will issue a refund if you are genuinely unhappy with the service we offer and providing you have completed at least one of the core modules of the course and can evidence the coursework completed.

The 30 days should not be seen as a trial period as the annual membership is for those with a genuine commitment to optimising the resources and learning within the Idea Time Membership. Please note that deductions may be made if you have signed up and received any free joining incentives (such as a one-to-one coaching). If you choose to stop your membership you will no longer have access to any of the member resources.

The one-to-one coaching is an offer made to members selecting annual membership only. Should you take out an annual membership and then
decide to cancel within 30 days, you will be refunded 50% of your membership fee (subject to the terms in the point above) if you have had an individual coaching session.